Dark Labs


The Darko Labs Incident

This is the first year that I a had a theme/story rather than just some spooky things in a maze.

The kids were lead into the garage to an elevator. The guide closes both doors and starts up a recording. The recording welcomes them to Darko Labs, tells and tells them that they are going to see some small but deadly alien creatures grown from spores collected from a fallen meteorite (By the way, God helped me out here because on August 2, 2006, a huge fireball was seen over Austin. Pretty cool since I had already got the idea and had started making things). Anyways, after going over the "safety features" of the elevator (basically if something goes wrong, they are going to die), there is a brief power failure and the elevator starts to descend with a jerk. The doors opens automatically and they are in a dimly lit passageway (completely different from the passageway that lead to the elevator). They walk to a door made of metal and clear plastic. A biohazard sign is flashing and says "do not open door if sign is flashing. Fortunately (!) the door has already been broken open and is smeared with blood. They walk through one chamber that has the meteorite (which is pulsating) and some alien creatures in glass jars. Soon, they hear a weird screech and something scuttles across the black plastic roof (unseen as it is on the other side of the plastic). After working the pushbuttons of a door, it opens (probably by electrical error) to the "live alien tissue" chamber. Here they see an alien autopsy chamber with robotic scalpels and clamps with a partially dissected alien that looks like a face hugger from the movie "Alien". When the kids get close enough, the alien thing will lurch and slap its tail against the glass. Also in the room is a chamber with an "alien colony" next to a mouse cage. The alien growth has grown into the mouse cage and killed the mouse, but has also grown up into the water faucet in the cage and has emerged from the outside spicket, thus escaping its "air tight enclosure". The alien growth grows up the walls into the next room. In the next room is a giant alien stalk that has grown out of a dead scientist. A muffled voice recording speaks over and over "Alien containment failure... Alien containment failure... Then changes to "Alien giving candy... Alien giving candy... A tentacle emerges from the alien stalk's mouth with candy clipped to it. Once the kids get their candy, another door opens. When they step through, tentacles growing on the walls reach out to grab the kids for one last scare.

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